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How Disaster Can Arise Inside Your Commercial Property | SERVPRO® of West Forsyth County

6/16/2022 (Permalink)

Local businesses serve our communities in a variety of ways every day. We all benefit from these businesses, whether it’s the one you work for or the one you frequent. It’s tragic when these businesses are affected by a workplace disaster.

Business owners have a lot on their plates. On a typical day, they supervise personnel, manage funds and attend to clients. On other days, owners are forced to deal with the aftermath of tragedies such as natural disasters.

In the United States, the amount of damage caused by natural disasters is continuously growing over time. According to the NCEI, our country has endured an annual average of $153 billion in damage over the last five years.

In a place like Winston-Salem, you can expect weather like tornadoes, floods and severe storms. This Winston-Salem marketplace faced the impact of intense flooding. Expensive equipment was ruined, and they were forced to close down for a short period.

We’ve compiled some data on the most common causes of damage around the country to assist you in better preparing your company for disaster. Continue reading to find out more.

Storm Damage

Storms are one of the most common causes of property damage in commercial buildings. They’ve also been known to inflict irreversible damage to facilities, where business owners are left with no choice but to close their doors.

Minor storms can result in power outages and the hurling of debris and tree branches. More severe storms can uproot trees and rip roofs off buildings.

Severe storms are capable of creating wind gusts of around 100 mph. These gusts have the potential to overturn cars and demolish infrastructure.

Always be informed of the weather conditions in your specific area, since conditions can vary even street by street. Staying informed about how the weather may affect your business will assist you in preparing your property.

Weather damage can be avoided by taking preventive actions such as inspecting your building for cracks in the walls or ceilings. Also, back up any crucial data and store it in a secure area to ensure that nothing important is lost if your business is damaged by a storm.

Water Damage

Water damage is a huge threat to businesses around the country. Water damage can occur as a result of hazardous weather like flooding or as a result of something as simple as an appliance malfunction, and both types of water damage can cause costly damage to your company.

Floods can cause several problems for your company. Floodwater might rush in and cause costly equipment or merchandise to be damaged inside your property. Outside your facility, precautions like strategic landscaping of trees and plants can help to slow the flow of flash floods if they occur.

Water damage from leaks related to appliances or plumbing is often more subtle than flash flooding. Leakage can occur in areas that are not visible unless your structure is inspected. Look for signs of leakage, such as discoloration and a musty odor.

Know Who to Call

Our local businesses have a huge impact on our communities. Business owners must take steps to safeguard their enterprises against damage.

If your business suffers from the catastrophic effects of water or storm damage, we can be on the scene right away to help you establish a solution. After that, we’ll restoration any damage and get you back up and running immediately!

If you have experienced damage to your business or want to learn more about our commercial damage restoration services, contact us today at 336-946-1131. We’re here to act fast, 247.

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