Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm loss whole house affected

After days of storms and pouring rain, we were called to a home that had flood insurance. We extracted water and removed wet materials that will need to be replaced. In the picture you can see holes were drilled in the toe kick plate to improve airflow. This will allow the vanity to dry faster and with out having to replace the entire vanity. 

Storm water via crack in the foundation

A homes value is increased with a  finished basement. Be sure to protect that investment by running water away from the house. with good drainage, and landscaping. Here we see soaked carpet and pad from a flash flood storm. 

Foundation under pressure

If you have a basement be sure to run water away from the home. Here we see damage created by storm flooding or lack of water being forced away from the foundation. It can create a situation that allows water into the home.  Consulting with a company that does structural repair  can fix that problem but if adequate draining and landscaping are not addressed you may have a repeated problem.  

Storm water path to the basement

A brick and concrete path is beautiful, but can also be a conduit for storm water. Be sure to route rain water away from the house as much as possible. Consult with a landscaper to seek out additional ways to keep water from running into basements and crawl spaces. Pictured here there is a drain at the entrance way but was overwhelmed with a flash flood storm which ultimately resulted in sump pump failure in the basement.

Don't forget about the pets

When preparing for a storm be sure to think about your fur babies in the family. Be sure they are wearing a collar with ID Tags or chipped. If you have to evacuate ensure that where you are going accepts pets. include pet meds and food in your emergency grab and go kit

Evacuating a Flood

When evacuating a flood be careful. There are many hidden dangers that are in and beneath the surface of the water. Contaminants, sewer and storm drains hold an extraordinary amount of bacteria that if allowed into an open wound could lead to infection. Even if you do not have an open wound you could get one by stepping on a sharp object that you can't see under the water. Aggressive insects that have been displaced or other dangerous animals could be in the water as well. This and many other items are things you should consider during Septembers National Preparedness Month.