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Commercial Water Loss

When water damage effects your office time is critical to preventing secondary damage and getting back to the business of your business. Here a dishwasher leaked and flooded the conference and break rooms. We have the equipment to ensure that you and your company are back to work as soon as possible. 

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Commercial Air Conditioner

Every summer here in Winston Salem we see water damage from leaky or clogged condensate drain lines from HVAC systems. Proper maintenance and having heavy duty hoses and connectors will help prevent a water damage in most cases. But if something does happen call us directly at 336-946-1131

Dew Point Condensation

Air movers promote evaporation, but cool surfaces cause dew point condensation to occur. SERVPRO of West Forsyth County uses this science to control secondary damage by setting dehumidifiers to pull the moisture from the air before it causes secondary damage. Saving you money in your home or business. 

Ventilate and prevent mold

We cut out the wet sheet rock to prevent mold from growing behind the wall. This coupled with professionally drying the structure will save money in the long run, as it costs less to prevent mold than it does to mitigate it. In this commercial setting we are cutting it above the water damaged area.  

Wet materials have to go

When flooding happens water can wick up sheet rock and insulation in a business just as it can in a residence. We treat them the same, wet materials are cut out and dry the structure. In a commercial setting the studs are commonly steel but the door jams are wooden and will still need to be professionally dried.

Commercial Sinks can have issues just the same as residential

A commercial sinks can experience a leak or back up just like a residential sink. Sometimes it is more severe just because it is size, use, and scope of the equipment in an industrial setting. Here we are dealing with a drain back up in a commercial building.