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Power Failure Plan = Business Success

9/17/2018 (Permalink)

If you experienced a power outage this week due to storms did you follow your plan? Did the plan work? Are there improvements to make in your plan?  In case you missed it here are the steps to creating a plan for your business.

Before the power outage.

                Have an emergency continuity plan.

  • Determine the processes and equipment that would be affected by a power outage. Electrical equipment such as computers, security alarms, elevators, as well as HVAC and lighting.
  • Inventory all equipment and keep it up date. What key equipment is used in your day to day operations? Prepare a list of equipment that need to be shut off during an outage to prevent damage to it when power is restored.
  • Back up computer data frequently invest in redundant cloud based service that backs it up off site and protects it from hacking and virus threats.
  • Make sure computers and other sensitive electronics are plugged into surge protection devices
  • Test your battery backup UPS systems, emergency lighting, phone, security and fire protection systems quarterly or a week before a weather predicted event.
  • Determine what the impact of the outage will be.

Have a plan for alternative power

  • Use a standby generator.
  • Portable generator
  • Or backup UPS (uninterruptable power supply)

Have emergency lighting available

  • Battery operated light sources. (flash lights or lights that turn on when power fails) Do not use candles and consider the installation of emergency lighting for the safety of your employees

Establish shelter locations in the business or on the business site

  • Should you have to shelter in place ensure there is enough space for all employees and allow for any customers that are visiting your establishment at the time the emergency is declared.
  • Ensure the shelter location has emergency supplies. i.e. flashlights, battery powered radio, first aid kit, blankets, water, and food.

Educate employees

  • Educate and review often the emergency plan of action
  • Ensure key personnel know the role they have responsibility for in the emergency plan. I.e. Mgrs. Should be able to account for their personnel who report to them.
  • Identify employees with special needs will they need assistance evacuating. If the power is out and elevator unavailable or cannot see well in low light.

What are your customers to do?

  • Determine the likelihood of customers being in your business at the time of outage.
  • Ensure that your emergency plan includes customers. Since you cannot review your plan with customers regularly be sure the employees who interface with customers are aware of their responsibility in the plan. They should guide customers to safety.

During a Power Outage.

                Stay informed of the conditions

  • Listen to the battery powered radio for situational developments.
  • Download the local news app for your phone.

Backup power

  • Use only approved indoor sources of power such as battery
  • Never use a generator indoors or any source of power that could emit deadly exhaust into your emergency shelter
  • Don’t go outside to start a generator if the weather conditions are unsafe.

Equipment safety

  • Go through your list of sensitive electronic equipment and turn it off and or unplug it to prevent damage to them.

After a Power Outage

Turn on the most essential equipment first.

  • Wait 10-15 minutes to plug in other equipment this will prevent the electrical system from becoming stressed and going out again. Turning everything on at once may overload it and cause it to fail once again.
  • Check your facility to ensure everyone is safe and accounted for
  • Ensure all equipment is operating correctly and safely
  • Review the preparedness plan to determine if any areas need to be improved and train appropriate personnel.

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